Thermography with drones

Preparation for upcoming course completed

The Bavarian Drone Academy at Campus Feuchtwangen is offering the module Thermography with Drones for students of the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences in the summer semester as well. Dr. Gernot Vogt, Oliver Abel and Dietrich Schneider have completed several hours of flying and prepared demonstrative experiments over the past few weeks. With the so-called Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles (UAVs), as they are technically known, these little helpers not only open up completely new perspectives but also completely new applications.

For example, thermal imaging cameras can be installed on drones, which means that thermographic analyses can now be carried out remotely from the air. Concrete examples are an analysis of the facade insulation of buildings, the efficiency of PV modules, the search for fawns in agricultural fields or a survey of the humidity of various surfaces.

Block event in week 31

The module Thermography with Drones will take place as a block course in week 31. Students are welcome to register for the course “Thermography with Drones” on their own in Moodle.

The course will teach the participants topics such as

  • physical basics of thermography
  • practical knowledge of thermography
  • the technical components regarding the implementation of thermography with drones
  • the practical implementation of a flight planning and a survey of thermographic images with drones

Finally, acquired knowledge is repeated and consolidated in a teaching unit with the interpretation of thermographic images.

This module is primarily aimed at students of the Faculty of Engineering. With successful completion of this module, 2.5 ECTS points can be acquired. It is worth combining this module with the module UAV basics (also 2.5 ECTS), in which the basics of drone flight and handling drones are taught.