Feuchtwangen as a pioneer for climate neutrality

With expert support from the academic world to decarbonise the energy supply in Feuchtwangen: since March, Stadtwerke Feuchtwangen has been working closely with Campus Feuchtwangen and Siemens AG to supply its entire service area with completely carbon-free energy in the near future.

Feuchtwangen is thus taking on an exclusive pioneering role in the entire district of Central Franconia, in that the Kreuzgangstadt (cloister town) is already tackling the important future topic of decarbonisation in specific terms together with outstanding experts. “For the city, the municipal utilities and equally for the citizens, the conscious step towards a CO2-free energy supply is forward-looking not only from a technical but also from an economic point of view,” explained Dr. Rainer Saliger, project developer for decentralised energy systems at Siemens AG.

Many cities and regions have recognised the issue of CO2-free supply, but only a few have already taken concrete steps and started a structured approach, according to Dr Saliger. “With the cooperation on decarbonisation, Feuchtwangen in Middle Franconia is taking on a pioneering role in the energy transition,” Saliger described. “With this, we can put another exclamation mark on the topic of sustainability for Feuchtwangen,” added Professor Dr. Johannes Jungwirth, the head of Campus Feuchtwangen.

The ultimate goal of the professional cooperation is the development of individual core strategies for decarbonising the energy sources in the service area of Stadtwerke Feuchtwangen, including their operational, affordable and, as far as possible, timely implementation. “In addition, it is of course also great for the neighbouring Campus Feuchtwangen if we can show our future students right on our doorstep how the groundbreaking topics from the lecture can be directly applied,” added Professor Jungwirth.

Photo (from left to right): Feuchtwangen’s first mayor Patrick Ruh, Stadtwerke Feuchtwangen employee Daniel Reimer and Technical Plant Manager Lothar Beckler, Dr. Rainer Saliger from Siemens AG and the head of Campus Feuchtwangen Prof. Dr. Johannes Jungwirth.