Very great interest in the new master’s programme SES

The application deadline for the international master’s programme Smart Energy Systems (SES) at Campus Feuchtwangen of Ansbach University of Applied Sciences directed by Prof. Johannes Jungwirth already ended on 30 July. Not all applications have been finally reviewed yet, some documents may still be submitted later. By 15 August, all applicants must have submitted their so-called preliminary examination documentation, the translation or recognition of non-European degrees. Proof of language skills in English and German must be submitted by the end of September at the latest in order for applicants to be finally admitted. A total of 355 applications from 21 countries have been submitted, of which almost 60 have already been admitted. About one third of the applications still have to be processed. The average age of the applicants, as is typical for a master’s programme, is around 26 years. At Campus Feuchtwangen, preparations are already in full swing to welcome the new students in October. Due to the Corona pandemic, it is assumed that entry from some countries will not be possible for the start of studies. In order not to “exclude” these applicants, it is currently assumed that teaching will take place “hybrid”, i.e., simultaneously online and in presence.