Support for the team of Campus Feuchtwangen

With Thomas Haupt, the competence in research and teaching is further expanded

Just in time for the start of the current winter semester at the beginning of October, Thomas Haupt M. Sc. took up his new position as a research assistant at Campus Feuchtwangen. His focus is on project work and coordination as well as research on innovative topics related to “Smart Energy Systems. At the same time he supports Prof. Dr. –Ing. Johannes Jungwirth in his lectures. One of the first projects is the development of a decarbonization strategy for Feuchtwangen together with Siemens and Stadtwerke Feuchtwangen.


Name: Thomas Haupt
Year: 1995
Home: Feuchtwangen
Interests: Cycling, Hiking
Portrait Thomas Haupt

Short interview

What has been your career so far?
I originally come from the neighbouring district of Donau-Ries, to be precise from Megesheim. In 2011, I began my apprenticeship as an electronics engineer for devices and systems at a manufacturer of medical technology. I completed my Bachelor in Electrical Engineering at Augsburg University of Applied Sciences. I gained further practical experience during my studies in an innovative measuring laboratory at a manufacturer of helicopter and aircraft components in Donauwörth. For the subsequent Master’s degree, the journey continued to Ulm. I completed my studies in the field of renewable energies with my master’s thesis at the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research in August 2021. Through the European project and the international project team during my Master’s thesis, I was able to gain a wide range of knowledge and exciting experiences.

What particularly appealed to you about this job offer?
For me, the research field of renewable energies with the focus on “Smart Energy Systems” is not only exciting, but also the shaping of our future. I find the interaction of various technologies and their optimization potentials particularly interesting. I am sure that there is still much to be done in this area in the coming decades.

What does the project to decarbonize Feuchtwangen involve?
With the Climate Protection Act on 31 August 2021, Germany decided to become climate neutral by the year 2045. With the help of the development of a decarbonisation strategy, Feuchtwangen wants to implement these objectives as quickly as possible and thus play a pioneering role. This will require an inventory of all consumers and producers. Reading electricity and gas meters is not enough. Using complex calculation models, current consumption and production profiles as well as future trends can be calculated. The ultimate goal is to ensure the local supply of electricity and heat in a CO2-neutral manner. The challenge here is cost-effectiveness for all actors and the limited experience in such projects so far. In addition, the entire energy sector and its legislation are currently undergoing major changes.

Here you can find more information on the decarbonisation.