Interview with Professor Dr. Johannes Jungwirth

Report on the combination of teaching and entrepreneurship in the Wirtschaftszeitung

Johannes Jungwirth hält eine Vorlesung
In its article “Important entrepreneurial gene in research”, the Wirtschaftszeitung reports on the importance of transfer as a component of research and hereby refers to the growing company foundations at universities. Hereupon, Johannes Jungwirth from the Feuchtwangen campus is interviewed in an about his beginnings with his company VK Energie, which he founded together with Philipp Schaltenberg in 2017. Jungwirth reports on how he overcame challenges that crossed his path in the process and that result from his current double burden due to the additional professorship, and explains why he, too, considers the combination of founding or managing a company and teaching to be important.

You can read the whole article here.