Excursion to the Reallabor Campus Feuchtwangen

Students visit technology and inform themselves on site

Ausprobieren der Drohnen
Experience technology live and make physics tangible – around 30 students from Ansbach University of Applied Sciences from the Sustainable Engineering NIW and Industrial Biotechnology IBT courses visited the Campus Feuchtwangen last Monday.
The excursion to Feuchtwangen is an integral part of the physics lecture taught by Prof. Johannes Jungwirth. This is because the transfer from theory to applied practice succeeds particularly vividly in the real laboratory in Feuchtwangen.
Laboratory engineer Oliver Abel took the second semester students on a tour of the campus building and gave them a detailed presentation of the technology installed there. There were numerous links to the lecture, for example with the heat pump and the ice storage tank: “So that’s what this heat of crystallization is all about!
Ausprobieren der Drohnen
Using the heating system as an example, Oliver Abel went on to illustrate the energy flows in the building: “The photovoltaic system on the roof supplies the system with electrical energy to transport ambient heat into the building. Surplus electricity is fed into the grid.”
Prof. Jungwirth then went on to provide further information about content on campus: “Our master’s program in Smart Energy Systems is particularly suitable for Germans because of the English language and contact with students from all over the world, in order to gain initial experience in an international environment” said the program director.
Christoph Matschi provided more in-depth details of the NIW’s Energy and Building Technology degree program. Building Information Modeling, Cradle to Cradle and Climate Engineering are just a few keywords on the content. “To achieve the energy transition, we need to get to the buildings and their supply. Through intelligent, sustainable construction and operation, as well as recycling, we can really make a difference here.”
Grillen mit dem Physikkurs
As a representative of the Bavarian Drone Academy, Oliver Abel demonstrated to the students the many possible uses of drones: “You can not only take spectacular pictures and videos with drones. With the right equipment, such as a thermal imaging camera, you can, for example, inspect houses for weak points, find defective PV modules or even track down deer fawns.”
At the final barbecue, the students had the opportunity to exchange ideas not only with campus staff, but also with two NIW students from higher semesters.