Lecture with a difference: Feuchtwangen’s real-laboratory

Prof. Johannes Jungwirth zeigt den Studierenden die Anschlüsse der E-Tankstelle
New rooms, new opportunities: After the lecture rooms on the grounds of the Bayerische BauAkademie were unavailable for the last two weeks, the lectures of the SES students were moved to the campus without further ado. Professor Johannes Jungwirth took advantage of this opportunity to give the students a closer look at the real laboratory in Feuchtwangen. During a short guided tour of the “Virtual Power Plants” module, he explained to the students the various setups that can be found around and in the building. The e-fueling station, for example, was examined more closely. The prospective SES graduates inspected the plug as well as connection lines and learned the differences to the charging stations set up for the public.