The FLZ reports: “Up to 500 students to revitalize Feuchtwangen”

The Feuchtwangen campus grows by another building

With the prospect of a new international bachelor’s degree program at the Feuchtwangen campus, there could soon be as many as 400 to 500 students in the city. As a basis for the existing international master’s degree program Smart Energy Systems, students will be trained in intelligent digital energy management in seven semesters.

In order to accommodate this number of students, a second building is to be added to the existing laboratory at the Feuchtwangen campus by 2023/ 2024. Connected by a glass structure, the new building will contain a lecture hall for up to 100 students as well as two seminar rooms.

However, some doubts initially hampered the commitment to this project: In view of Feuchtwangen’s budgetary situation and the estimated cost of 4.15 million euros for the construction, its approval only came about with the mayor’s promise to seek further financial support from the Free State of Bavaria. What’s more, the city councilors had to base their decision on a strong vote of confidence: After all, no firm commitment has yet been made for the establishment of the new course of studies. Now that the project is being tackled despite these concerns, Feuchtwangen’s mayor Patrick Ruh wants to press ahead with the planning.

The housing problem has also already been considered: there is to be space for the new students in the neighboring “Hochschule” construction area, after several apartment buildings are going to be built there.