“HyStarter”: First ideas for a climate-neutral business park

Campus Feuchtwangen hosts second strategy meeting for Zweckverband Interfranken

After the kick-off for the federal initiative “HyStarter” of the Zweckverband Interfranken in May in Wörnitz, the second strategy meeting has now taken place at our campus in Feuchtwangen. The plan is to establish a climate-neutral business park at the A6/ A7 Feuchtwangen Crailsheim interchange.

Strategiegespräch zu "HyStarter" am Campus Feuchtwangen

Under the leadership of Feuchtwangen’s mayor Partrick Ruh as Zweckverband chairman, energy experts, company representatives, local politicians & representatives of our campus met to gather initial ideas. The topics were, for example, already existing sustainable energy producers such as wind power and solar plants or the consumption of the companies located in West Middle Franconia and their chances to leave a more climate-friendly imprint.

In addition, a regionally tailored concept is to be developed with the help of the new energy carrier hydrogen, which is linked to transport as well as to the areas of heat, electricity and energy storage. Hydrogen filling stations, decentralized hydrogen production by farmers, but also the loss-free intermediate storage of hydrogen were discussed.

Managing director of the Zweckverband Interfranken Hedwig Schlund hopes to be included in the next stage of the federal hydrogen funding program. The realization of “HyStarter” is thus to be provided with high subsidies and supported in its implementation. The next strategy meeting is expected to take place in mid-July.