Campus Feuchtwangen at the Baucamp at the Bayerische BauAkademie

Event brings together professionals from the construction industry and digital experts

The Baucamp took place at the Bayerische BauAkademie on 11 and 12 November. The more than 200 participants started on Friday afternoon without a fixed schedule of topics and events – the programme was planned jointly by the participants themselves. Each participant can propose topics, which are then discussed in so-called “sessions”. All topics related to construction and digitalisation are conceivable, even a question is enough. In this way, participants become contributors.

The Feuchtwangen campus of Ansbach University of Applied Sciences also participated in this exciting format and generated a lot of interest with the two topics of energy and building technology and the drone academy.

Picture of a lecture. 20 seconds presentation of a topic, then it was decided together whether a topic would be discussed further or not.

Of the total of 42 sessions of 45 minutes each, two were held by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Haresh Vaidya: he started on Friday with “Getting warm without getting poor”. Supported by Dipl.-Ing. Christoph Matschi, M. Sc., the two discussed which measures are necessary and sensible in buildings to save energy.

Picture of the second day. Large seating circle and discussion on the topic of life cycle assessment with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Haresh Vaidya and Dipl.-Ing. Christoph Matschi, M. Sc.

On the second day, the topic of life cycle assessment also provided interesting discussions: “Why do I need that at all?” was one of the simpler questions at the beginning. The LCA does not only consider the CO2 emissions during operation, but also the complete life cycle from construction and operation to dismantling and recycling. In the end, the consensus was that it would make sense to link the LCA directly to the digital planning and to have the construction and materials stored there automatically evaluated by an artificial intelligence. In addition, further training courses on this topic were requested in cooperation with the Bayerische BauAkademie.

The drone academy was also well represented with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Helmut Roderus, Dr. Gernot Vogt and laboratory engineer Oliver Abel. In addition to the question “Drones – when am I allowed to fly?”, it was above all the practical insight into the world of drones that was used by almost all participants: at the specially constructed drone course of the Bavarian Drone Academy of Ansbach University of Applied Sciences, prospective remote pilots were able to gain their first flying hours and intensively exchange information about possible fields of application.

Picture of the Drone Academy. Dr Gernot Vogt answers many questions about drones.

Students from Ansbach University of Applied Sciences also took advantage of the opportunity and got ideas for their own projects, made contacts with companies and were inspired. Successful start-ups have already emerged from similar events.