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Feuchtwangen city council as a guest

2023-05-26T16:02:18+02:0026. May 2023|

Feuchtwangen city council as a guest Staff meeting at the energy campus of Ansbach University of Applied Sciences Last Tuesday, May 16, the staff meeting of the Feuchtwangen municipal administration took place at the Campus Feuchtwangen. Around 80 employees attended the event and took the opportunity to learn more about the energy campus of Ansbach University of Applied Sciences. Dr. Gerd Hofmann presented current projects in addition to the now three courses of study: "With the Energy and Building Technology degree program, we are laying important foundations here in Feuchtwangen for resource-conserving planning and the sustainable operation of buildings. [...]

Third study course SBS

2023-05-12T15:19:52+02:0012. May 2023|

Third course of study started at the Energy-Campus Feuchtwangen Using multidisciplinary knowledge to achieve a climate-neutral building sector Sustainable Building Systems - this is the title of the new master's program at the Feuchtwangen campus of Ansbach University of Applied Sciences. The application has already been open since May 02 and is still possible until the end of the month. "The building sector urgently needs to become climate neutral. You can't achieve that with standard solutions. We need out-of-the-box thinking. Successful building renovation requires knowledge in many different areas. And it is precisely this interdisciplinary knowledge that this [...]

Energy system expert

2023-05-09T13:25:24+02:008. May 2023|

Energiesystem-Expert*in Further training on sustainability in the building sector on May 17 The ESF REACT-EU funded training "Energiesystem-Expert*in", the successor of the "Energieberater*in 2.0", is going into the next round.  The kick-off event will take place on May 17 at 6:30 pm at our campus. What ist "Energiesystem-Expert*in" The free continuing education program Energiesystem-Expert*in deals with energy supply (electricity and heat) in residential and non-residential buildings. Under the direction of Christoph Matschi, participants learn more about sustainability in the entire building sector and the holistic view of buildings. The focus is on the targeted and economical [...]

Application of thermography

2023-04-24T22:24:09+02:0028. April 2023|

Varied application of thermography Further training to become an energy system expert against inadequate networking On Wednesday last week, the Energy Talk took place again at the Campus Feuchtwangen of the University of Applied Sciences Ansbach. Dipl.-Ing. Oliver Abel set the focus of the evening with an introduction into the world of thermography. The subsequent discussion and Q&A session was attended by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johannes Jungwirth and the two research assistants Thomas Haupt, M. Sc. and Dipl.-Ing. Christoph Matschi, M.Sc.   "Any body with a temperature above absolute zero of 0K (-273°C) emits electromagnetic radiation. Thermography uses [...]

Energy Talk on April 19

2023-04-05T15:17:19+02:007. April 2023|

Impulse lecture on April 19: Thermography An effective method for sustainable and efficient energy consulting The Energy Talk at the Feuchtwangen campus of Ansbach University of Applied Sciences has now established itself as a contact point for questions about sustainability and energy. On the third Wednesday of each quarter, the energy experts are always on hand to answer questions from interested citizens and entrepreneurs. At the next event on April 19, laboratory engineer Oliver Abel will give a short impulse lecture on the use of thermography in energy consulting. Using selected examples, he will show how energy consultants [...]

Weak points in building insulation

2023-04-05T15:15:48+02:0031. March 2023|

Finding weak points in building insulation Support of Klimabündnis and Bund Naturschutz Rothenburg A group of activists from the Rothenburg Region Climate Alliance and the Rothenburg branch of the German Society for Nature Conservation visited the Feuchtwangen campus of Ansbach University of Applied Sciences to learn more about infrared thermography. At the field office with emphasis energy and building services engineering are trained apart from beginning engineers among other things also energy consultants. Laboratory engineer Oliver Abel instructed the seven participants in the information event on the physical principles of thermography as well as the correct settings and [...]

Forum Energie to visit

2023-03-13T12:19:13+01:0017. March 2023|

Energy Forum as guest at the Campus Feuchtwangen Kick-off of the CSU event series „Von Ideen zu praktischen Lösungen“ Last Friday, the CSU district association Ansbach Land invited to the energy campus of the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences for the kick-off of the event series "From Ideas to Practical Solutions". In addition to a good 30 guests from the CSU and other interested citizens, the research hall at the Feuchtwangen campus was once again well filled with almost 60 people. "We want to offer solutions here, locally, in the rural area and master the challenges of climate [...]

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