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Top Gun at the movies

2023-01-25T12:50:33+01:0026. January 2023|

Top Gun Maverick Campus Feuchtwangen e.V. organizes a public cinema evening in Feuchtwangen On Tuesday the 17.01 was the public film evening for the students and all Feuchtwanger citizens, which our Fürderverein Campus Feuchtwangen e.V. has organized. In the KulturKino Feuchtwangen the movie "Top Gun: Maverick" was shown in English. The cinema was very well attended with 21 of our students from the first and third semester. Thank you for making this great evening possible. We are very excited to see what the Förderverein will come up with in the future. [...]

Energy Talk at the Feuchtwangen Campus

2023-01-27T09:03:57+01:0024. January 2023|

Energy Talk at the Feuchtwangen Campus With record attendance at Energy Talk, campus kicks off into 2023 For the fourth time, the Energy Talk took place at the Energy Campus of Ansbach University of Applied Sciences in Feuchtwangen. Every third Wednesday of the quarter, interested citizens and entrepreneurs have the opportunity to address their questions directly to the experts on site. Thus, campus director Prof. Dr.-Ing Johannes Jungwirth welcomed 40 visitors last Wednesday, January 18 at 7:00 pm. "You can tell I can't stop grinning. It's nice to welcome so many here." [...]


2023-01-13T20:23:58+01:0020. January 2023|

Interactive business game of the energy industry Experience business management and energy policy decisions firsthand At the end of last year, it was that time again: Smart Energy Systems students participated once more in the two-day business game workshop EnergyNext. The aim of the workshop is to link the theoretical lecture content in the various areas of an energy company. Divided into six teams, the students slipped into the roles of energy company, government and bank. In addition to developing, implementing and complying with energy and financial policy guidelines, the students had to make [...]

Year in review 2022

2023-01-25T11:55:24+01:0019. January 2023|

2022. What happened A short review to let the year 2022 pass in review Car sharing for staff and students, welcoming new students, the first campus festival or the Christ Child visiting. Last year, a lot happened on campus. So that nothing is forgotten, we have prepared a short review of the year for you. It all started in January with the planning for the mikar car sharing project. A project to make commuting easier for campus employees and students. In the course of this, our wallbox test lab was also completed. During the [...]

Friends of Campus Feuchtwangen e.V.

2023-01-13T20:17:43+01:0011. January 2023|

Making the Feuchtwangen campus more popular Support group to increase awareness of the campus - Host a public movie night on January 17, 2023. The Förderverein Campus Feuchtwangen e.V., already founded in October 2021, is committed to the work of the campus, the promotion of its students and local networking. In its work, the association wants to act as a link between the campus and the population as well as politics. "Overall, it is particularly important to us to make the Feuchtwangen campus and its groundbreaking work even better known among the population and also [...]

Christkind (EN)

2023-01-25T12:32:34+01:002. January 2023|

Christkind visiting The Christkind from Feuchttwang visits the campus It wasn't just the pre-Christmas onset of winter that caused a sensation among students at the Feuchtwangen campus; after all, most of them were experiencing snow and such low temperatures for the first time in their lives. The visit of the Feuchtwangen Christ Child on Tuesday before Christmas Eve was also a highlight before the turn of the year. They followed the solemn prologue of the Feuchtwang Christ Child with great interest. Afterwards, everyone received a small Christmas present for early distribution. The Christ Child [...]

Continuing education

2022-12-28T15:33:45+01:0023. December 2022|

Continuing education for interested laymen, career changers and experienced specialists Goal: to build on the existing range of courses and expand them further The primary goal here is direct practical relevance: "Heating engineers should not simply have to put a heat pump into operation with preset parameters - adjusted settings ensure the best possible operation and can be made quickly if you know how the interrelationships are," says Prof. Dr.-Ing. Haresh Vaidya. The professor of sustainable engineering has worked in research and development and product management for heat pumps at Robert Bosch GmbH for the [...]

Campus Arena

2022-12-08T20:08:44+01:009. December 2022|

Campus Arena under the sign of the Football World Cup in Qatar Talking about the World Cup in the Desert - Light and Shadow of a Major Sports Event On Tuesday, November 29, after a two-year break due to corona, a public event was held again on the campus of Ansbach University of Applied Sciences. Around 150 people were guests at the first "Campus Arena" in the refectory. The evening started with honors and the awarding of an honorary professorship, which this year went to Dr. Matthias Carl. He is a lecturer at Ansbach [...]

Advanced training in heat pump technology

2022-12-08T20:06:24+01:005. December 2022|

Potential of heat pumps Introduction to heat pump technology with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Haresh Vaidya ❓ How does a heat pump work optimally? 🔄 What should be considered when replacing a heating system? 📝 What should be considered during planning? The GIH Gebäudeenergieberater Ingenieure Handwerker – Bundesverband e.V. offers on 16 December an on-line lecture with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Haresh Vaidya to the bases of heat pumps. The heat pump offers the potential to heat and cool buildings efficiently and with low emissions. It protects the [...]

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