Certified meters for a more sustainable future

Accuracy & trust as the key to acceptance of advanced energy concepts

The reliable and accurate recording of energy consumption plays a key role in the energy transition. So-called “Measuring Instruments Directive” (MID)-certified meters are essential for this. These comply with the European Measuring Instruments Directive and thus contribute to greater accuracy and trust – two essential values for the social acceptance of modern energy concepts.

“With the increasing focus on decentralised energy generation and electromobility, the task is to efficiently coordinate the various energy consumption sectors,” says Thomas Haupt, emphasising the importance of sector coupling, i.e. the integration of energy generation, storage and consumption into a uniform system. “For a more sustainable future, we are linking photovoltaic systems, heat pumps, electric vehicles and energy storage systems at the Feuchtwangen Energy Campus, for example, turning buildings into intelligent units that keep energy generation and consumption in balance. The basis of this integrated system is data based on the precise recording and monitoring of energy and energy flows. Ideally, this data comes from MID-certified energy meters”

As part of his doctoral thesis at the Feuchtwangen Energy Campus, Haupt is investigating the practical implementation of home energy management systems (HEMS): “In order to achieve a balanced energy balance within buildings, solutions are needed that intelligently link the energy sectors with each other. This is not possible without measured values from the various meters.”

Andreas Alexander, project manager at Amperfied GmbH, also emphasises the importance of MID meters for the Amperfied wallboxes in order to offer customers clarity and legal compliance, especially for billing-relevant data. They chose WAGO’s MID meters because of their accuracy and reliability as well as their compact dimensions and ease of use.

Smart wallboxes play an important role in research and applications both at the Feuchtwangen Energy Campus and at Amperfied. The devices not only record energy consumption, but also data such as grid frequency, current, voltage and power. This data is essential for optimising energy flows in the connected sectors and helps to provide users with reliable and easy-to-use systems that they can trust, even within building units. Andreas Alexander reports positive experiences in residential complexes, where Amperfied wall boxes with MID-certified meters from WAGO ensure transparent and correct billing and thus promote trust and harmony among residents.

Thomas Haupt (l.), Doktorand am Energie-Campus Feuchtwangen, erklärt Studierenden das Energie-Monitoring für das Reallabor in der Forschungshalle.
Eine Wallbox, na der gerade ein Auto geladen wird.