First graduate of the Smart Energy Systems course at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences

Prof. Jungwirth: “I look forward to all those who will soon follow!”

On March 19, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johannes Jungwirth and the Head of Student Services Ralph-Peter Kappestein presented Cristian Silviu Eva with the first degree certificate in the Smart Energy Systems degree program at Ansbach University’s Energy Campus in Feuchtwangen. “I am very happy about this special moment,” said Prof. Jungwirth, head of the degree program.

Studiengangleiter Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johannes Jungwirth (r.) überreicht zusammen mit dem Leiter des Studierendenservice Ralph-Peter Kappestein (l.) dem ersten Absolventen in Smart Energy Systems Cristian Silviu Eva (m.) sein Abschlusszeugnis.

“It was an adventure from the conception to the implementation of the course – so it’s all the better to see the first students successfully complete the course. I was particularly pleased with the positive feedback in the final interview and it naturally motivates me to continue developing the course in the future!” concludes Prof. Jungwirth.

Cristian Silviu Eva, born in 1994 in Roman, Romania, first completed his Bachelor’s degree in Precision Mechanics and Nanotechnology after secondary school. He then began a Master’s degree in polymer and plastics engineering. As an Erasmus student, he initially only came to Ansbach University of Applied Sciences for one semester. After his return to Romania, however, he decided to transfer to Ansbach University of Applied Sciences for the entire semester and ended up enrolling in Smart Energy Systems.

During his stay in Feuchtwangen, Cristian Silviu Eva enjoyed life in the idyllic town: “I often went to the indoor swimming pool and explored the area on the hiking trails with fellow students. I also went to the medieval festival.” He is particularly critical of the public transport connections: “It was particularly difficult to leave Feuchtwangen in the evening and then get back again. Unfortunately, the leisure options as a student in Feuchtwangen are pretty limited.”

At the Feuchtwangen Energy Campus, he praises the extensive equipment, the topicality of the courses and the practical orientation of the courses. “I thought it was great not to have to learn my knowledge from books. The lecturers always provided a good practical orientation.”

In his Master’s thesis, Cristian Silviu characterized Eva polymer-based thin-film piezos and impressed the students with his expertise and commitment to innovative research. He is now continuing his career as a research assistant at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences.

“I would especially like to thank Ralph-Peter Kappestein, Tanja Wäger, Baki Cengiz, and Mariane Rusam from Student Services as well as my lecturers and fellow students for their support during my studies,” says Cristian Silviu Eva in conclusion.

Einladung zum Energie Talk, am 17.04.2023 um 19 Uhr am Campus Feuchtwangen