First Campus Festival at Feuchtwangen

2022-07-04T11:03:15+02:004. July 2022|

First Campus Festival at Feuchtwangen Invite for Saturday, July 23, 11:00 a.m.  to 21:00 p.m. Campus Feuchtwangen invites you! At July 23, the first Campus Festival will take place in Feuchtwangen. From 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., there will be cake, barbecue and drinks, and the opportunity to exchange ideas and gain insights with students, professors and staff. Taster lectures, for example from the SES module Virtual Power Plants or Energy and Building Technology show what students can expect in these study programs and provide space for questions. There will also be a guided tour to learn [...]

“HyStarter”: First ideas for a climate-neutral business park

2022-06-27T09:22:33+02:0027. June 2022|

"HyStarter": First ideas for a climate-neutral business park Campus Feuchtwangen hosts second strategy meeting for Zweckverband Interfranken After the kick-off for the federal initiative "HyStarter" of the Zweckverband Interfranken in May in Wörnitz, the second strategy meeting has now taken place at our campus in Feuchtwangen. The plan is to establish a climate-neutral business park at the A6/ A7 Feuchtwangen Crailsheim interchange. Under the leadership of Feuchtwangen's mayor Partrick Ruh as Zweckverband chairman, energy experts, company representatives, local politicians & representatives of our campus met to gather initial ideas. The topics were, for example, already existing sustainable [...]

Faces at Campus Feuchtwangen

2022-06-24T10:57:04+02:0024. June 2022|

Faces at Campus Feuchtwangen Guest lecturers for Smart Energy Systems: Dr. Rainer Saliger and Dipl.-Ing. Michael Dams share their practical experience with students Dr. Rainer Saliger Dr. Rainer Saliger studied physics at the Julius-Maximilians-University of Würzburg, specializing in energy technology, and subsequently completed his doctorate in the field of energy storage. Since 2016, he has been a project developer for decentralized energy systems and Principal Key Expert for energy storage solutions at Siemens AG. His tasks include implementing holistic energy supply concepts consisting of self-generation and storage systems together with customers. In this context, hydrogen supply concepts [...]

Chilli sin Carne, coffee and cold drinks

2022-06-15T11:11:47+02:0015. June 2022|

Chilli sin Carne, coffee and cold drinks Studentenwerk Erlangen-Nürnberg visits Feuchtwangen A hot lunch between lectures is something that students at Ansbach University have been enjoying ever since the Studentenwerk Erlangen-Nürnberg moved into the cafeteria on campus. Last Wednesday, students from Feuchtwangen were also given a taste in the form of Chilli sin Carne during a visit to the Student Union. In addition, a coffee machine and a refrigerator for cold drinks can now be found near the lecture halls in the Bayerische Bauakademie, which students can use to quiet their thirst or recharge their batteries after getting [...]

Extension of the examination deregistration period

2022-06-10T10:32:51+02:0013. June 2022|

Extension of the examination deregistration period Following a Senate decision, the period for cancelling exams has been extended until midnight on 28.06.2022. If you have not deregistered from an exam, but are unable to attend at short notice, a medical certificate is required. You can find all further information about examinations and performance here.

From the solar cell to system planning

2022-06-10T10:13:53+02:0010. June 2022|

From the solar cell to system planning Experiments in the photovoltaics laboratory and insights into practical application From May 30 to June 3, the block week for the summer semester 2022 took place again at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences. Apart from the usual lectures, the students take part in case studies, business games or excursions during this time. Students from the bachelor's degree program in Applied Engineering as well as from the master's degree program in Smart Energy Systems spent a whole week intensively dealing with the topic of photovoltaics in the Photovoltaics Engineering course taught by [...]

Blueprint for the energy future in Germany

2022-05-25T12:00:11+02:0027. May 2022|

Blueprint for the energy future in Germany Smart Energy Systems Students Explore the WUNsiedler Way On May 18, the Smart Energy Systems students of Feuchtwangen set off on an excursion to the Fichtelgebirge. Stopping in Käferbach and Ansbach, the students went to the Franconian town of Wunsiedel. As part of the lecture "Virtual Power Plants", the energy park of the Wunsiedel municipal utility was visited. For several years now, the park has been focusing on the consistent use and expansion of renewable energies and sustainable technologies: solar and wind energy, wood and residual materials as renewable raw [...]

The FLZ reports: “Up to 500 students to revitalize Feuchtwangen”

2022-05-20T12:15:00+02:0020. May 2022|

The FLZ reports: "Up to 500 students to revitalize Feuchtwangen" The Feuchtwangen campus grows by another building With the prospect of a new international bachelor's degree program at the Feuchtwangen campus, there could soon be as many as 400 to 500 students in the city. As a basis for the existing international master's degree program Smart Energy Systems, students will be trained in intelligent digital energy management in seven semesters. In order to accommodate this number of students, a second building is to be added to the existing laboratory at the Feuchtwangen campus by 2023/ 2024. Connected by [...]

Prof. Johannes in german television

2022-05-18T18:52:51+02:0018. May 2022|

Prof. Johannes in german television On Friday, Professor Johannes Jungwirth will be featured on Frankenschau. During an interview with BR on Tuesday, he reported on the recently completed decarbonization study. Together with the municipal utilities and Siemens AG, the study on the decarbonization of Feuchtwangen was carried out from September 2021 to March 2022. We have already summarized the results for you.

Lecture with a difference: Feuchtwangen’s real-laboratory

2022-05-18T17:52:15+02:0018. May 2022|

Lecture with a difference: Feuchtwangen's real-laboratory New rooms, new opportunities: After the lecture rooms on the grounds of the Bayerische BauAkademie were unavailable for the last two weeks, the lectures of the SES students were moved to the campus without further ado. Professor Johannes Jungwirth took advantage of this opportunity to give the students a closer look at the real laboratory in Feuchtwangen. During a short guided tour of the "Virtual Power Plants" module, he explained to the students the various setups that can be found around and in the building. The e-fueling station, for example, was examined more [...]

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