Advanced training in heat pump technology

2022-12-05T14:56:07+01:005. December 2022|

Potential of heat pumps Introduction to heat pump technology with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Haresh Vaidya ❓ How does a heat pump work optimally? 🔄 What should be considered when replacing a heating system? 📝 What should be considered during planning? The GIH Gebäudeenergieberater Ingenieure Handwerker – Bundesverband e.V. offers on 16 December an on-line lecture with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Haresh Vaidya to the bases of heat pumps. The heat pump offers the potential to heat and cool buildings efficiently and with low emissions. It protects the [...]

Baucamp at the Bavarian BauAkademie

2022-11-26T13:00:44+01:0025. November 2022|

Campus Feuchtwangen at the Baucamp at the Bayerische BauAkademie Event brings together professionals from the construction industry and digital experts The Baucamp took place at the Bayerische BauAkademie on 11 and 12 November. The more than 200 participants started on Friday afternoon without a fixed schedule of topics and events - the programme was planned jointly by the participants themselves. Each participant can propose topics, which are then discussed in so-called "sessions". All topics related to construction and digitalisation are conceivable, even a question is enough. In this way, participants become contributors. The Feuchtwangen campus [...]

Groundbreaking ceremony for the Lecture Hall Building

2022-11-23T22:48:51+01:0023. November 2022|

Symbolic groundbreaking ceremony for the Lecture Hall Building at the Campus Feuchtwangen of Ansbach University of Applied Sciencesc The construction work can begin! On Friday, 18.11.2022, at shortly after 11 a.m., the Bavarian State Minister for Science and Arts Markus Blume broke ground for the second building at Campus Feuchtwangen. With the building project, the branch of Ansbach University of Applied Sciences should be able to offer space for many new students in the future, or, as Markus Blume put it: "the energy heroes of the future". Together with the first mayor of the town of Feuchtwangen, Patrick [...]

Hydrogen island network at Hochschule Ansbach

2022-11-11T10:28:37+01:0011. November 2022|

Hydrogen island network at Hochschule Ansbach Smoothing volatile power generation and delivering green power in a predictable way The greatest challenge for the energy supply of the future lies in the storage of large quantities of sustainably generated electricity. Although the expansion of renewable energy sources is still far from supplying countries such as Germany in a carbon dioxide-neutral manner, plants are already shutting down due to temporary overproduction. Hochschule Ansbach has implemented an innovative approach that temporarily stores photovoltaic electricity in the form of hydrogen. The system is designed as a self-sufficient stand-alone grid and can be [...]

Successful graduation of Energy Advisor 2.0

2022-11-10T15:12:27+01:004. November 2022|

Successful graduation of Energy Advisor 2.0 This week, all participants successfully completed the Smart & Green Academy's Energy Advisor 2.0 training course. The course, which was funded by the European Social Fund in Bavaria (ESF REACT-EU), was led by Dipl.-Ing. Christoph Matschi, with support from Prof. Dr.-Ing. Haresh Vaidya and laboratory engineer Oliver Abel. In five units, the course participants learned more about a holistic approach to buildings and the targeted and economical use of materials. They were also taught how to use the necessary software and how to draw up a life cycle assessment of [...]

Interesting topics at the Energy Talk

2022-10-28T10:45:19+02:0024. October 2022|

Interesting topics at the Energy Talk Last Wednesday, we held our third Energy Talk, where interested citizens can ask questions about energy and sustainability. The participants were joined by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johannes Jungwirth, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Haresh Vaidya, Dr. Gerd Hofmann, Christoph Matschi and Thomas Haupt. This time there were exciting discussions on the design of heating systems, heat pumps and bidirectional charging of cars. With bidirectional charging, not only can the car be supplied with electricity in one direction, but the car's storage unit can also supply the house with electricity. We look forward to the [...]

Campus Feuchtwangen was part of the orientation fair

2022-10-20T19:44:37+02:0018. October 2022|

Students visit the Campus Feuchtwangen Feuchtwangen as part of the orientation fair Interfranken On October 13, the orientation fair of the Bayerische BauAkademie took place. Campus director Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johannes Jungwirth not only took part in the opening ceremony, the university was also represented and the research hall was open all day for interested students. While in the morning the focus was mainly on classic apprenticeships, in the afternoon especially students from the local high schools in Feuchtwangen and Dinkelsbühl informed themselves about the range of studies. Once again, the infrared photo box of the Feuchtwangen campus aroused [...]

Förderkreis of Hochschule Ansbach visits Campus Feuchtwangen

2022-10-20T19:45:56+02:0016. October 2022|

Förderkreis of Hochschule Ansbach visits Campus Feuchtwangen On October 13, the Förderkreis der Hochschule Ansbach e.V. under the direction of Karin Bucher (IHK Ansbach) was our guest. As part of the annual excursion, they visited our campus in Feuchtwangen. Much to our delight, our university president Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sascha Müller-Feuerstein and the board members of the Förderkreis Campus Feuchtwangen e.V. Herbert Lindörfer and Michael Nowakowitsch were also present. At the beginning, Campus President Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johannes Jungwirth and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Haresh Vaidya introduced the campus. Afterwards, Oliver Abel showed everyone around the campus and gave an insight into our [...]

Welcome to Campus Feuchtwangen!

2022-10-11T15:34:51+02:0014. October 2022|

Welcome to Campus Feuchtwangen Start of semester for the second generation of Smart Energy Systems students On Tuesday of last week, more than 1,000 students began their studies at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences. The new freshmen of the Feuchtwangen campus also participated in the ceremonial welcome by the university president Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sascha Müller-Feuerstein in the Onoldiasaal. Afterwards, the Smart Energy Systems (SES) students were personally welcomed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johannes Jungwirth and his colleagues at the main campus in Ansbach. The welcome in [...]

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