2022. What happened

A short review to let the year 2022 pass in review

Car sharing for staff and students, welcoming new students, the first campus festival or the Christ Child visiting. Last year, a lot happened on campus. So that nothing is forgotten, we have prepared a short review of the year for you.

It all started in January with the planning for the mikar car sharing project. A project to make commuting easier for campus employees and students. In the course of this, our wallbox test lab was also completed.

During the semester break in February, things got quieter on campus. There was a lot of preparation for the next semester, including preparing lesson content with our 3D printer and raising our flags again.

In the summer semester, our SES students started their second semester and we had a visit from the Evangelisches Bildungswerk and students from the Feuchtwanger Gymnasium.

April was very eventful. We started with the virtual “Open Day” of the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences. In addition, there was the kickoff for Energy Advisor 2.0, our Girls Day, we had our first Energy Talk and a weather station was installed on our roof.

May started with the physics course having a nice and sunny barbecue afternoon at our campus. In addition, Johannes Jungwirth was interviewed by BR.

June has started excitingly for our students. As part of the lecture “Virtual Power Plants” they were at the energy park in Wunschsiedel. In addition, the Studentenwerk was with us and cooked, in Ansbach was the Campus of the Lions and with us was the second strategy meeting for a climate-neutral business park.

July was very special for us with the first Campusfest. Many Feuchtwanger*innen we could welcome on this day for the first time with us at the campus and we were pleased that it was so well received by you!
But it was also special for the students. They finished their final project in 3D printing and we hosted our second Energy Talk.

With August the summer semester has ended, but instead our Battery Testlab was started. In addition, we welcomed Prof. Dr.-Ing. Haresh Vaidya as a new member of our team.

In September we prepared everything for the winter semester. Online, there was an introductory event for the new SES students and through the Buddy Program, international students were able to find German students to help them settle in Germany. In addition, to coincide with the 16th Renewable Energy Day, Gerd Hofmann and Thomas Haupt attended the international Smart Energy Systems Conference in Aalborg for us.

Before the semester really started in October, we had a booth at the Oktoberfest.
On October 5, we welcomed the new SES students in Feuchtwangen.
We also had a lot of other things going on. We presented the campus to students for the orientation fair, we organized our third Energy Talk, we welcomed the sponsoring group of the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences and we offered the Energy Advisor 2.0 training under the leadership of Christoph Matschi.

After an exciting October, things continued in an exciting way in November. On November 18, the groundbreaking ceremony for our new building took place, we were present at the BauCamp and the participants of the
Energy Consultant 2.0 training were able to successfully complete their training.

December was especially festive. The Christ Child from Feuchtwang came to visit us. A big highlight for everyone on campus. As the last lecture before the vacations, we also organized a business game on the energy market for our SES students. And at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences, the “Campus Arena” was held for the first time, with discussions about the World Cup in Qatar.
was discussed.