There is no master plan for “the right building technology” yet

The team at the Energy Campus of Ansbach University of Applied Sciences continues to grow

With Kevin Settler, the Feuchtwangen campus of Ansbach University of Applied Sciences has gained another employee since the beginning of this year. As a research assistant, he mainly works on projects related to energy and sustainability in addition to his master’s degree in Applied Research in Engineering Sciences.

Kevin Settler

What has been your career so far?

I grew up in Geslau and went to school in Ansbach. I completed my bachelor’s degree in “Sustainable Building Technology” at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences. Through my studies, I became more and more involved with sustainability in the building sector and my interest in this area was further strengthened. In the summer of 2022, I was able to complete an advanced training course at the Feuchtwangen campus to become an energy consultant in the field of residential buildings. Since April 2022, I have been working alongside my master’s degree as an engineer in Ansbach in an engineering office for building technology. I am actively involved in various planning processes and am currently mainly responsible for the profitability calculations of future energy supply systems and life cycle assessments.

What particularly interests you in sustainable building technology?

As a young determined engineer, I would like to dedicate myself to the challenge of an integral improvement of technical and ecological circumstances. The necessary progress must not proceed as before. We are already partially exposed to irreversible problems, which must be contained and ensured that they do not continue to accumulate. It was partly out of this motivation that I decided to pursue the technical study of sustainable building technology.

What particularly attracted you to this job offer?

I find it particularly exciting to apply what I have learned from my studies in the “real world”. You always encounter new challenges and so far there is no master plan for “the right building technology”. At the Feuchtwangen campus, I can actively contribute to climate protection and hope to be able to give something back to society and the environment in the sense of my work.