Internship at Campus Feuchtwangen

Liah Saliger and Alessandro Kastner report on their occupational exploration

Career and study orientation at the Gymnasium supports students at an early stage in finding the right course of study and the right career. Liah Saliger and Alessandro Kastner from the Reichsstadt-Gymnasium Rothenburg o.d.T. spent a week at the Feuchtwangen campus and report on their impressions.

From February 13 to 17, we completed our internship at the Feuchtwangen campus. First, we got an exciting insight into the work of the campus. During a tour through the building we got to know the nice employees. On the first day we were allowed to support the administration and organization. We recorded consumables, prepared invoices and created a presentation.
On the second day, Oliver Abel explained to us how thermal imaging cameras can be useful for building construction and troubleshooting. We also learned how to operate such cameras and were allowed to take pictures and conduct experiments on our own.

Dipl. Ing. Christoph Matschi, M. Sc., zeigt Liah und Alessandro den Nut- zen einer AR-Brille für Gebäudebau, -planung und -technik.

On Wednesday, we were able to try out augmented reality glasses. AR glasses are used for building construction, planning and engineering, among other things. The glasses create a virtual building in space, around which you can walk and also look around inside the building.

In the afternoon, we had the opportunity to design our own 3D models using an online program, which we were also allowed to print out.

On Thursday, we accompanied Moritz Albert from the Drone Academy and were able to fly a drone ourselves. The drone was equipped with a camera and on the remote control we could follow the camera image live.

Throughout the week, we kept coming up with information for a poster about energy sources for heating and mobility. “We were totally amazed at how different the energy densities of the various energy sources are.” In addition, we determined the CO2 emissions for each energy source.
On Friday, we completed the poster and we printed another 3D model from the 3D printer. “We both found the internship very great and fun because we had a varied program and dealt with very interesting topics.”