Remote pilot training of the drone academy

2022-04-01T10:39:22+02:001. April 2022|

Remote pilot training of the drone academy Training and exam A2 remote pilot license Drones as unmanned aerial vehicles are becoming increasingly popular in the hobby and leisure sector, but also in commercial applications. Drones have become an indispensable digital and effective tool in the media and trade. But what hardly anyone knows is that in the EU, pilots of camera-equipped drones or drones weighing more than 249g must hold at least the (small) A1/A3 certificate of proficiency. The A2 remote pilot certificate, which builds on this, is a further qualification for drone pilots that brings with it [...]

Bavarian Drone Academy now online

2021-09-02T16:44:00+02:006. July 2021|

The Bavarian Drone Academy of Ansbach University of Applied Sciences now also opens its doors online! The team of the interdisciplinary institution presents itself at Visitors to the website can also expect interesting articles and news items on the subject of drones. The academy's fields of application are the training and licensing of drone pilots, the application in practical projects and the research and development of unmanned aerial systems. In the future, you will also find information about the courses and further training on offer there. The team of the Bavarian Drone Academy is looking forward to [...]

Thermography with drones

2021-09-02T16:44:44+02:0015. April 2021|

Thermography with drones Preparation for upcoming course completed The Bavarian Drone Academy at Campus Feuchtwangen is offering the module Thermography with Drones for students of the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences in the summer semester as well. Dr. Gernot Vogt, Oliver Abel and Dietrich Schneider have completed several hours of flying and prepared demonstrative experiments over the past few weeks. With the so-called Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles (UAVs), as they are technically known, these little helpers not only open up completely new perspectives but also completely new applications. For example, thermal imaging cameras can be [...]

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