You´re invited!

2022-04-11T19:52:18+02:0011. April 2022|

You´re invited! Exchange with interested citizens Starting on Wednesday, April 20, a new event format will be launched at the Campus Feuchtwangen! On the third Wednesday of each quarter, we cordially invite interested citizens to participate in a dialog! "I have a heating system XY of 19?? in my house and I want to renew it, what should I do?" Have you already encountered these or similar questions, you've come to the right place! Starting at 7:00 p.m., we will answer all questions about sustainability and energy. Together with you, we would like to get into an exchange, [...]

Kick-off Energy Advisor 2.0

2022-05-15T17:02:24+02:0011. April 2022|

Kick-off Energy Advisor 2.0 Training Last Thursday, the kick-off event for the Smart & Green Academy's Energy Advisor 2.0 training course took place. After a brief introduction of the Feuchtwangen campus by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johannes Jungwirth and the drone academy by laboratory engineer Oliver Abel, the head of the advanced training, Dipl.-Ing. Christoph Matschi, gave an introduction to the course. Here, he first went into the procedure of a classic energy consultation and pointed out the optimisation potential. Instead of using static models to always get the maximum subsidy, the Energy Advisor 2.0 is about using dynamic models to [...]

Between legends and myths

2022-04-08T15:38:42+02:008. April 2022|

Between legends and myths SES students get an insight into Feuchtwangen´s history On 29th of March students of the master program Smart Energy Systems got an insight into the history of Feuchtwangen- or what is told after the actual historical facts can no longer be reconstructed. A big thank you goes to the city marketing of Feuchtwangen, which made this tour possible for the students!

Energy transition made in Feuchtwangen

2022-03-23T15:57:46+01:0023. March 2022|

Energy transition made in Feuchtwangen Visit of the Protestant Education Center at the Campus Feuchtwangen Last Thursday, the "Evangelisches Bildungswerk" visited us at the Campus Feuchtwangen. During a guided tour around and through the building with our coordinator Dr. Gerd Hofmann, our guests were able to learn a lot about the energy fence, the ice storage and the heat pump for heat supply. They also got an insight into the photovoltaic system on the roof for the office operation and electricity requirements of the heat pump, the surpluses of which are fed into the grid. Another highlight was [...]

The new semester begins!

2022-03-14T12:03:47+01:0014. March 2022|

The new semester begins! Semester start on 15.03.2022 Here we go again! After various preparations on our campus, tomorrow is the day: The new semester starts. Lectures, tutorials and Mensa lunches are part of the everyday life again. We wish everyone a successful semester!

End of the examination phase

2022-02-18T11:18:20+01:0011. February 2022|

Ende der Prüfungsphase Finally semester break! Today the last exams will be written at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences. We keep our fingers crossed one last time! At the Campus Feuchtwangen, the students have already been "dismissed" since Wednesday. After their last exam "LabView" they will now take a break until 15.03.2022. We wish everyone a relaxing time!

Research hall at the Feuchtwangen campus awarded a prize

2022-02-01T10:26:03+01:004. February 2022|

Research hall at the Feuchtwangen campus awarded a prize Feuchtwangen model project honored as part of "10 years of Efficiency House Plus" anniversary The research hall at the Feuchtwangen campus has now been awarded 1,560 euros for its exemplary presentation of climate-friendly construction under the German government's Efficiency House Plus initiative. The competition was organized by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Building and the Home Affairs (BMI) and the Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR). The occasion for the event was the tenth anniversary of the German government's "Efficiency House [...]

Prof. Johannes Jungwirth explains the Ice Storage

2022-01-28T09:23:45+01:0027. January 2022|

Prof. Johannes Jungwirth explains the Ice Storage “How do you heat with ice?” This question has been clarified by ServusTV in a new video. The concept of the ice storage is being presented and the construction of a ice storage near Munich is being followed. Prof. Johannes Jungwirth from Campus Feuchtwangen is also featured in the reportn and explains the function of the ice storage system. Thanks to the storage system at our campus, he is very familiar with the future-oriented heating-system.

Start of the examination phase

2022-01-17T15:47:24+01:0017. January 2022|

Start of the examination phase Start of exams on 17. 01. 2022 We wish all students every success with your exams! The examination period, starting today, lasts until Friday, 11. 02. 2022. In less than a month you can enjoy the semester break! Until then: A lot of concentration, perseverance and a bit of luck can never hurt. The following exams are written in Feuchtwangen in Hall 18 of the Bayerische BauakAkademie. Applied Engineering Date- Time Subject Examiner Wed. 09.02.2022 - 14:00 LabView Basics 2 Jungwirth, Johannes Smart Energy Systems Date- Time Subject Examiner Tue. [...]

Practical days and excursions instead of lectures

2021-11-22T14:25:15+01:0019. November 2021|

Practical days and excursions instead of lectures Block week at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences provides insights into practice Five days out of the daily student routine, completely free of lectures, instead talking and informing yourself about current projects, discovering and improving unexpected skills or marveling at a business enterprise from the inside - this is what the block week offers. As an integral part of the studies at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences, the block week takes place twice a year at the beginning of May and November and gives students the opportunity to think outside the [...]

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