2022-10-10T10:10:25+02:0030. September 2022|

International exchange with colleagues Participation in the Smart Energy Systems Conference in Aalborg, Denmark Dr. Gerd Hofmann and Thomas Haupt represented the Campus Feuchtwangen at the Smart Energy Systems Conference. From 13 to 14 September, the Smart Energy Systems Conference took place in Aalborg, Denmark.  Dr. Gerd Hofmann and Thomas Haupt took part and represented the Campus Feuchtwangen of Ansbach University of Applied Sciences. The International Conference focuses on smart energy systems, sustainable energy, the electrification of the heat and transport sector, electric fuels and energy efficiency. In addition to the presentation and discussion of scientific [...]

Digital weatherman for the campus

2022-04-25T12:57:40+02:0029. April 2022|

Digital weatherman for the campus Precise weather data for building services and drone flights A professional weather station has been installed on the roof of the research hall at the Feuchtwangen campus for two weeks. Equipped with a large number of high-resolution sensors, numerous environmental data are available and can be used for teaching and research. All measurement signals are digitized and written to a database at regular intervals by an integrated data logger. Current measured values can be called up live, partly graphically processed, on the dashboard of the internal web interface. A combined instrument records [...]

Results of the decarbonisation study for Feuchtwangen

2022-04-15T14:42:17+02:0015. April 2022|

CO2-free by 2035 with PV, wind, storage and digitisation Results of the decarbonisation study presented - goal: Feuchtwangen climate neutral by 2035 Investments in photovoltaic (PV) and wind power plants as well as in energy storage systems are essential milestones towards a carbon-free energy supply of our own, which Stadtwerke Feuchtwangen is striving for in the near future. This is proven by the results of the groundbreaking decarbonisation study, which have now also been presented to the works committee. The holistic study was developed by the municipal utilities together with the neighbouring Campus Feuchtwangen, a branch of [...]

Citizens rely on heat pump and green gas

2022-04-12T17:56:36+02:0014. April 2022|

Citizens rely on heat pump and green gas Survey results on climate neutrality 2035 As part of the decarbonization study, the Feuchtwangen campus, together with the Feuchtwangen municipal utilities and Siemens AG, conducted a survey last November for a CO2-neutral energy supply in the future. Among other things, the survey asked about the current condition of buildings, energy consumption and the energy sources used, as well as mobility. Around 3/4 of the responses are from the urban area, and the majority (92%) are from owners. The single-family house accounts for the largest share at 62%, followed by the [...]

How strong is the performance of current wallboxes?

2022-02-18T11:22:09+01:0018. February 2022|

How strong is the performance of current wallboxes? Model comparison in the new Wallbox Testlab at the Campus Feuchtwangen With a wall charging station, or wallbox for short, electric cars can also be charged quickly, conveniently and safely at home. But which wallbox is the best for private use? Which smart functions are available and which do I personally need? Can the wallbox be exposed to the weather? What charging power do I need? Which wallbox has the best price-performance ratio? These are precisely the questions we asked ourselves at the Campus Feuchtwangen and launched the Wallbox Testlab. [...]

Looking to the Future: Energy Concept for Building Area “Hochschule”

2021-11-09T14:37:39+01:005. November 2021|

Looking to the Future: Energy Concept for Building Area “Hochschule” City Council Feuchtwangen impressed with innovative approach from green meadow to showcase construction area- Virtual district heating On Thursday Prof. Dr. -Ing. Johannes Jungwirth and Lothar Beckler, the city’s technical director, presented an innovative concept to the city council. FLZ reports on the project. “There is still a green meadow in front of our windows on the Feuchtwangen Campus, but the “Hochschule” construction area will be built here in the near future. I am looking forward to being able to participate here!” says Prof. Dr. -Ing. [...]

Cooperation between the Bavarian Drone Academy and Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences

2021-07-23T13:49:48+02:0024. July 2021|

Cooperation between the Bavarian Drone Academy and Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences The Bavarian Drone Academy Ansbach (BDAN) is not only responsible for the training and licensing of drone pilots. The exchange and transfer of knowledge with economic organisations, authorities and other interest groups from the region, as well as applied research and development are also among the fields of activity. Current research ideas include combining drones with hydrogen propulsion or flow simulations to improve performance capacities and expand the possible uses of drones. The expansion of other teaching fields is also being planned. A few topics could [...]

Feuchtwangen as a pioneer for climate neutrality

2021-06-16T09:16:49+02:0016. June 2021|

Feuchtwangen as a pioneer for climate neutrality With expert support from the academic world to decarbonise the energy supply in Feuchtwangen: since March, Stadtwerke Feuchtwangen has been working closely with Campus Feuchtwangen and Siemens AG to supply its entire service area with completely carbon-free energy in the near future. Feuchtwangen is thus taking on an exclusive pioneering role in the entire district of Central Franconia, in that the Kreuzgangstadt (cloister town) is already tackling the important future topic of decarbonisation in specific terms together with outstanding experts. "For the city, the municipal utilities and equally for the citizens, the [...]

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