Further training to become an Energie-System-Experten

2023-09-13T11:14:20+02:0015. September 2023|

Further training to become an Energie-System-Experten Campus Feuchtwangen starts with new course in November The supply of residential and non-residential buildings with electricity and heat is currently undergoing a major change. Not so long ago, the electrician provided the power supply and, independently of this, the plumber and heating engineer installed the heating system for the building. Today, the requirements are more complex: The power and heat supply should be as efficient and CO2 neutral as possible, smart functions and the connection of all systems to the Internet are a matter of course. With photovoltaics (PV), a heat [...]

Friends of Campus Feuchtwangen e.V.

2023-01-13T20:17:43+01:0011. January 2023|

Making the Feuchtwangen campus more popular Support group to increase awareness of the campus - Host a public movie night on January 17, 2023. The Förderverein Campus Feuchtwangen e.V., already founded in October 2021, is committed to the work of the campus, the promotion of its students and local networking. In its work, the association wants to act as a link between the campus and the population as well as politics. "Overall, it is particularly important to us to make the Feuchtwangen campus and its groundbreaking work even better known among the population and also [...]

Continuing education

2023-02-23T09:50:40+01:0023. December 2022|

Continuing education for interested laymen, career changers and experienced specialists Goal: to build on the existing range of courses and expand them further The primary goal here is direct practical relevance: "Heating engineers should not simply have to put a heat pump into operation with preset parameters - adjusted settings ensure the best possible operation and can be made quickly if you know how the interrelationships are," says Prof. Dr.-Ing. Haresh Vaidya. The professor of sustainable engineering has worked in research and development and product management for heat pumps at Robert Bosch GmbH for the past five years, [...]

Smart Energy Systems: what the master’s program has to offer

2022-04-04T17:13:31+02:005. April 2022|

Smart Energy Systems: what the master's program has to offer The new introduction video of our Master's program Smart Energy Systems shows you what it means to study SES and offers a glimpse into the content you can expect. You can watch the video right here or on our SES overview page, where you can also find all further information about the study program.

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